Statistics for 2011 & Audacious Goals for 2012

First things first, a big shout out to our fans and companies who used the website to post jobs and find jobs. Thank you.

I want to share some statistics from 2011 and plans for 2012.

Statistics for 2011

  • 135,014 Unique Visitors
  • 700,810 Pageviews
  • 3.67 Pages/Visit
  • 00:02:50 Avg. Time on Site

Members in 2011

  • Total: Over 10,200
  • 3468 Facebook fans
  • 3616 Email subscribers
  • 2234 RSS subscribers
  • 792 Twitter followers

Audacious Goals for 2012

  • Increase statistics by 10X. 1 million Unique Visitors and 7 million Pageviews
  • Increase membership base by 10X which will make the total members over 100,000
  • Best customer service because in 2011 there was virtually no customer service provided. Stupid I know.
  • Give $12K of the revenues to an adopted charity. Still looking for a suitable charity.
  • Upgrade website to allow users to upload resumes and make it more interactive for companies and recruiters by end of January 2012.

I got to admit this year I did not pay much attention to the site which was pretty stupid of me. The site pretty much grew organically but in 2012 I want to pay close to the customers and users growing the site intentionally and strategically.

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  1. SingaporePartTimeJobs.Com Admin on

    Our current Alexa ranking for Singapore is 1,035 and the goal is to break within the top 500 for Singapore.

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