We are looking for suitable candidates to join us at Oodles Learning Jurong East, authorised learning partner of OnSponge. We are open to part-time, full-time or contract employment for this position.  We would prefer full time.

Position Overview The Assistant Centre Manager is responsible for the smooth running of the Oodles Learning Jurong East Centre. A people and results-oriented person who is independent and responsible to achieve excellence in service and operations standards at the Centre.

Job Functions:
1. Assist the Centre Manager with the overall operations of the Centre.  The person will spend 70% of his/her time on administrative/operations related tasks and 30% on Sales & Marketing related activities.
2. Manage inventory for worksheets, stationery, class attendance sheet, and other class related tasks that are necessary for the operations of the lesson.
3. Manage requests from parents for make-up lesson due to absenteeism.
4. Handle tuition enquiries from calling/walk-in customers.
5. Manage the generation of fee collection invoices, handle fee collection and updating Student’s Management System
6. Assist with the management and planning of Centre Marketing activities like Open House, Workshops and other marketing events.
7. Manage & Plan marketing activities like Open House, Recruitment drive Workshops and other demand generation marketing events.
8. Pre and post event follow up
9. Making cold calls to leads from marketing campaign.
10. Conceive, plan and execute demand generation ideas to drive recruitment for the centre.
11. Any other general administrative tasks that’s required to ensure smooth operations of the tuition centre.

Job requirements:
1. Able to work retail hours. The Centre’s operating hours are Mon-Thu, 3.30pm to 930pm and Sat, 8.30pm to 6.30pm.
2. Admin or Clerical experience preferred but not mandatory.
3. Confident and communicates clearly.
4. Self-driven and with the ability to suggest and recommend improvement to the Centre operations.
5. Positive working attitude and pleasant personality to engage external and internal customers.
6. Knowledge in the use of Microsoft office suite of software (Excel, Word and PowerPoint).

How To Apply:
Write in to us at jurongeast@oodleslearning.com with a copy of your latest CV to apply for the position.

About Oodles Learning (Jurong East) Pte Ltd

Oodles Learning (Jurong East) Pte Ltd is the authorised learning partner of onSponge +hinking Math program (www.onsponge.com). We currently provide tuition for Primary 3 to 6 students as well as Secondary 1-4.  onSponge is a very well established brand in Singapore and the +hinkingMath tuition programme is designed based on a defined pedagogy and curriculum structured along the MOE syllabus as well as the examination trends observed by the development team.

$12 per hour
Salary Paid Frequency:
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