How to Edit Your Job Ad on Singapore Part Time Jobs Portal

Here are the steps to edit your job listing on the Singapore Part Time Jobs Portal.

  1. Log in to edit your job ad. Use the lost password feature if you cannot remember your password.
  2. Click on the My Dashboard link (on the top right) to see a list of your jobs ads.

    • Title: The title of the job (highlighted in red) is a link that shows the ad as it is displayed to the users.
    • Status: The status of the job (highlighted in blue) denotes whether the job ad is Live, Offline or Awaiting payment. The option Live denotes that the job is currently active and visible to the public, Offline denotes that the job has been unpublished and is not visible to the public and Awaiting payment denotes that the job has been created but is not visible because payment has not been received.
    • Options: There are four main options that are available. The first option is to make payment for jobs that have payment awaiting by clicking the paypal icon Paypal icon, the second option is to edit a job by clicking the pencil icon Pencil icon, the third option is to unpublish the job by clicking the pause icon pause icon and the last option is to publish a job that is offline by clicking the play icon play icon.
  3. To edit a job, click the pencil icon and the edit form as shown below will be displayed. Make appropriate changes and click the “Update Ad” button to confirm the changes or “Cancel” to return back without making any changes.

  4. Once the ad has been successfully edited, you’ll see a message stating that the ad has been successfully updated ith a link to return to your dashboard (see screen below).

  5. That’s how you edit job ads on he Singapore Part Time Jobs Portal. If you have questions or comments, do leave a comment below.