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In 2014, we have had many Social Media part time jobs posted for Singaporeans. This was the first year where we had social media positions posted on our job board. It shows that social media is starting to be considered a career here in our little island.

The most popular posting was our client Brand Inc’s job advertisement for Part Time Social Media Writer which garnered hundreds of quality applications. The hourly rate for the job was between $8-$10 per hour and most applicants were young Singaporeans and PRs.

That was some background information. In this post, I want to highlight four active part time social media related jobs as of December 2014:

1. Home Based Social Media Marketing / Graphic Design

This work from home job by cosmetics company My Skin Bible pays between $8 to $10 per hour (seems like this is the going market rate for part time social media positions). The main responsibilities include:

  • Research, edit and schedule Facebook posts
  • Review results of posts
  • Manage email campaigns
  • Brainstorm ideas for new social media campaigns
  • Administrative tasks

More job details are available at http://www.singaporeparttimejobs.com/jobs/home-based-marketinggraphic-design-work/

2. Work From Home Part Time Admin & Marketing Assistant

This position from a mobile artisan coffee company is not purely social media but a chunk of the job description involves researching and writing Facebook posts. Other duties include mostly copywriting and admin work. They are paying $7-$9 per hour and need you to work a minimum of 16 hours per month (that’s truly a 4-hour work week).

If you are interested in this position, click http://www.singaporeparttimejobs.com/jobs/home-based-admin-marketing-assistant/

3. Contract Social Media Marketing Assistant

This position from Egalite Marketing is 5 working days per week and pays a monthly salary of $1,800 and above (depends on experience). Main responsibilities include:

  • Plan strategies for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Work with in-house team of designers and developers to implement company marketing plans on various social media platforms.
  • Monitor and report results.
  • Training and other tasks as assigned by marketing manager.

This job is in East Singapore.

Since this is NOT a part time position and if you can commit 5 days a week then click http://www.singaporeparttimejobs.com/jobs/marketing-social-media-sales-it-developer-assistants-executives/

4. Social Media Marketing Assistant

This position from Korq Singapore is a mix of ecommerce and social media marketing tasks. The office is in Bugis and the main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Update product information on various ecommerce platforms.
  • Plan various strategies for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest
  • Admin tasks
  • Newsletter management
  • Basic website update and maintenance

This job is very flexible as you can choose to work:

  • SGD $1000 for 3 working day per week
  • SGD $700 for 2 working days per week
  • Working hours: 9am – 6pm which including 1 hour lunch time
  • Work location: Bugis

If this part time job seems like what you want, click http://www.singaporeparttimejobs.com/jobs/social-media-marketing-assistant/

Important Note: The jobs are only open for Singaporeans and those who are permitted to work part time in Singapore. DO NOT apply if you are not eligible because it wastes your time as well as the time of the employers. Kindly state “Singapore Part Time Jobs” in your applications.

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Recently there has been a spate of home-based jobs posted on our site. This is good news for Singaporeans who do not want to commute (yes, I know the crowded buses and the MRT breakdowns). Here is a list of work from home part time jobs active for the period of December 2014:

  1. Home based Marketing/Admin Staff: My Skin Bible is a cosmetics company and they are looking for someone to do social media marketing (Facebook posts) and graphic design work. $8-$10 per hour and flexible work schedules. Job details are available at http://www.singaporeparttimejobs.com/jobs/home-based-marketinggraphic-design-work/.

  2. Admin & Marketing Assistant: Mobile Artisan Coffee Catering Company seeks a part timer who can do admin plus marketing work. Good English skills needed and must be a highly organised individual. Remuneration ranges from $7 to $9 per hour. Full job scope and details are available at http://www.singaporeparttimejobs.com/jobs/home-based-admin-marketing-assistant/

  3. International Partner Scout: This interesting opportunity pays EUR 500 per month for 20 hours a week work which equates to about SGD $10 per hour. You job is to find interesting venues in Singapore and get them to list on their site. Each listing earns you a generous commission. More details for the job can be found at http://www.singaporeparttimejobs.com/jobs/international-partner-scout/

  4. Research Assistant: If you have great Google skills then this job is for you. It pays $6 per hour and you need to have good English communication skills. More details at http://www.singaporeparttimejobs.com/jobs/research-assistant/

Important Note: The jobs are only open for Singaporeans and those who are permitted to work part time in Singapore. DO NOT apply if you are not eligible because it wastes your time as well as the time of the employers. Kindly state “Singapore Part Time Jobs” in your applications.

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5 Part Time Admin Jobs Singapore (Dec 2014)
One of the most popular type of part time jobs sought by Singaporeans is an office-based administrative job. Here is a list of part time admin jobs in Singapore for December 2014.

1. Part-Time Administrative Assistance with Maya Dance Theatre Ltd

Maya Dance Theatre was founded in 2006 by Kavitha Krishnan, Juraimy Abu Bakar and Imran Manaff. Rooted firmly in Asian traditions, the company has collaborated with both local and foreign partners. Maya Dance Theatre is a recipient of the National Arts Council’s SEED Grant.

So if you want to be in the company of creative individuals in a stimulating environment, then consider joining Maya Dance Theatre as a Part Time Admin Assistant (click here). It is a 5 day week with approximately 6 hours daily.

2. Full Time / Contract / Part Time Admin Assistant with AZ Creative Interior

This is an administrative job with a renovation firm. For full time and contract position they pay $1600-$1800 per month (excluding overtime pay) and $6 to $7 per hour for part timers. For full details of the job, click here.

3. Permanent Part-Time Admin Assistant in North Singapore

This admin position is ideal if you live in Northern parts of Singapore. They offer flexible timings and you can choose to work either 3 working days a week (9.30am-5.30pm) OR 5 working days a week (4 hours a day)

Basic accounting and Microsoft Office skills are required. To view more details of this administrative part time job, click http://www.singaporeparttimejobs.com/jobs/permamant-part-time-admin-assistant/

4. Part-Time Administrative Assistant with Pomelo Singapore

Pomelo Singapore is furnishings retailer and they are seeking a part time admin assistant. The responsibilities include sales reporting, preparation of quotes, freight arrangements and other administrative tasks.

This job is super flexible and you can work out a flexible working arrangement with the company. For more details of the job and how to apply information, click Part-Time Administrative Assistant.

5. $10 per Hour. Part Time Office Manager with Uber Singapore

Uber Singapore is hiring part time office managers who can at least commit 20 hours a week. The job entails managing the staff, helping drivers sign up with Uber accounts as well as recording the banking information of drivers and distributing equipment.

Keen to work with Uber Singapore? Click http://www.singaporeparttimejobs.com/jobs/office-manager-2/

Important Note: Kindly state “Singapore Part Time Jobs” in your applications.

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Posted by | November 23, 2013 | Job Seekers

At the end of 2011, Singapore Part Time Jobs ranking within Singapore websites was 1,035. For the first time, we broke into the top 1,000 and now we are ranked 954 as of 31 January 2012.

A BIG FAT THANK YOU to our community and the employers who keep posting jobs. With your continued support, we want to break into the top 500 by the end of the year.

Singapore Part Time Jobs is 954 in Singapore Web Traffic Ranking

Singapore Part Time Jobs is 954 in Singapore Web Traffic Ranking

Here’s the round-up of interesting part-time job news from Singapore and abroad for Jan 1 to 18, 2012.

  • Seniors say goodbye to golden years: Research has shown that working including volunteering after retirement significantly betters physical and mental health. The average lifespan of an American (as well as those around the world) has lengthened leading many seniors to look for part-time work or start their own ventures. Yes, for the entrepreneurial spirit. I wonder how many of our seniors in Singapore start a business venture because we do see a lot of them working after retirement.
  • 2 in 3 S’pore workers don’t save enough: Not so much of this article is related to part-time jobs but one thing that caught my eye was that about 2/3rds of those surveyed earned extra income. And one channel of extra income was part-time jobs.
  • 5 Reasons Taking A Second Job Could Help Turn Your Life Around: This brilliant article states 5 compelling reasons why a part-time job can enhance your life. These reasons include earning extra money (duh), building up your resume, test driving a new industry, lower risk should you lose your fulltime job and growing your social circle. A MUST read.
  • UK Unemployment Rate Rises To 17-Year High: A gloomy article but the silver lining is that employment in the private sector increased in the three-month period due to part-time jobs.
  • Virtual Internships in Rising Demand: Thanks to Skype and email, virtual internships are on the rise in the US. I guess its a win-win for both the employee and the employers. Employees save on travel costs and time. Employers save on significant overhead. Is this a trend that could work in Singapore?
  • The rise of part-time Britain: In Britain, 1.3m people are being forced to work part-time because they can’t find full-time jobs. Will most jobs eventually become part-time?

Have a comment or question? Drop us a line below.

First things first, a big shout out to our fans and companies who used the website to post jobs and find jobs. Thank you.

I want to share some statistics from 2011 and plans for 2012.

Statistics for 2011

  • 135,014 Unique Visitors
  • 700,810 Pageviews
  • 3.67 Pages/Visit
  • 00:02:50 Avg. Time on Site

Members in 2011

  • Total: Over 10,200
  • 3468 Facebook fans
  • 3616 Email subscribers
  • 2234 RSS subscribers
  • 792 Twitter followers

Audacious Goals for 2012

  • Increase statistics by 10X. 1 million Unique Visitors and 7 million Pageviews
  • Increase membership base by 10X which will make the total members over 100,000
  • Best customer service because in 2011 there was virtually no customer service provided. Stupid I know.
  • Give $12K of the revenues to an adopted charity. Still looking for a suitable charity.
  • Upgrade website to allow users to upload resumes and make it more interactive for companies and recruiters by end of January 2012.

I got to admit this year I did not pay much attention to the site which was pretty stupid of me. The site pretty much grew organically but in 2012 I want to pay close to the customers and users growing the site intentionally and strategically.

After you have posted your job ad on the Singapore Part Time Jobs portal, take two simple actions to make your job spread through Facebook and Twitter virally.

Harness The Power Of Twitter & Facebook

  1. Click through your job ad and scroll down where you’ll see two buttons for Twitter and Facebook (highlighted in red).

  2. Click the “Tweet” button and a window will open prompting you to enter your Twitter username and password and click the “Sign In” button assuming you are not already logged into Twitter.

  3. A Twitter post will be automatically created and you can edit it if necessary. Click the “Tweet” button to post the job ad on your own Twitter account and will be visible to all your Twitter followers.

  4. Now click the Facebook “Like” button and a window will open prompting you to enter your Facebook email and password and click the “Login” button assuming you are not already logged into Facebook.

  5. This “like” will now be displayed to your friends on Facebook.

These two simple actions will definitely help spread the word about your job ad on Singapore Part Time Jobs portal.

Here are the steps to edit your job listing on the Singapore Part Time Jobs Portal.

  1. Log in to edit your job ad. Use the lost password feature if you cannot remember your password.
  2. Click on the My Dashboard link (on the top right) to see a list of your jobs ads.

    • Title: The title of the job (highlighted in red) is a link that shows the ad as it is displayed to the users.
    • Status: The status of the job (highlighted in blue) denotes whether the job ad is Live, Offline or Awaiting payment. The option Live denotes that the job is currently active and visible to the public, Offline denotes that the job has been unpublished and is not visible to the public and Awaiting payment denotes that the job has been created but is not visible because payment has not been received.
    • Options: There are four main options that are available. The first option is to make payment for jobs that have payment awaiting by clicking the paypal icon Paypal icon, the second option is to edit a job by clicking the pencil icon Pencil icon, the third option is to unpublish the job by clicking the pause icon pause icon and the last option is to publish a job that is offline by clicking the play icon play icon.
  3. To edit a job, click the pencil icon and the edit form as shown below will be displayed. Make appropriate changes and click the “Update Ad” button to confirm the changes or “Cancel” to return back without making any changes.

  4. Once the ad has been successfully edited, you’ll see a message stating that the ad has been successfully updated ith a link to return to your dashboard (see screen below).

  5. That’s how you edit job ads on he Singapore Part Time Jobs Portal. If you have questions or comments, do leave a comment below.
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