Announcement: Version 2.0 Singapore Part Time Jobs Launched

Today marks the launch of our site’s new version. Some improvements include:

  1. Management of Jobs: You can post and manage your own jobs easily. First, you need to register at the site with a desired username and email address. A password will be automatically sent to your email address. Thereafter, you just login and post jobs from an east-to-use “Dashboard” (tutorials coming up soon). Each job post now costs S$8. You can edit your jobs at any time and jobs are published instantly.
  2. Direct Application: Applicants can now directly send employers an application which is sent via email. This by default is turned off.
  3. Jobs Statistics: Every job now shows how many times it has been viewed and this statistic is useful for employers.
  4. Improved Search: Now the job search function can be used to search through all categories or a single category of your choice.

We’d love to hear feedback on the new features so please do leave a comment.