4 New Work From Home Part Time Jobs in Singapore (December 2014)


Recently there has been a spate of home-based jobs posted on our site. This is good news for Singaporeans who do not want to commute (yes, I know the crowded buses and the MRT breakdowns). Here is a list of work from home part time jobs active for the period of December 2014:

  1. Home based Marketing/Admin Staff: My Skin Bible is a cosmetics company and they are looking for someone to do social media marketing (Facebook posts) and graphic design work. $8-$10 per hour and flexible work schedules. Job details are available at http://www.singaporeparttimejobs.com/jobs/home-based-marketinggraphic-design-work/.

  2. Admin & Marketing Assistant: Mobile Artisan Coffee Catering Company seeks a part timer who can do admin plus marketing work. Good English skills needed and must be a highly organised individual. Remuneration ranges from $7 to $9 per hour. Full job scope and details are available at http://www.singaporeparttimejobs.com/jobs/home-based-admin-marketing-assistant/

  3. International Partner Scout: This interesting opportunity pays EUR 500 per month for 20 hours a week work which equates to about SGD $10 per hour. You job is to find interesting venues in Singapore and get them to list on their site. Each listing earns you a generous commission. More details for the job can be found at http://www.singaporeparttimejobs.com/jobs/international-partner-scout/

  4. Research Assistant: If you have great Google skills then this job is for you. It pays $6 per hour and you need to have good English communication skills. More details at http://www.singaporeparttimejobs.com/jobs/research-assistant/

Important Note: The jobs are only open for Singaporeans and those who are permitted to work part time in Singapore. DO NOT apply if you are not eligible because it wastes your time as well as the time of the employers. Kindly state “Singapore Part Time Jobs” in your applications.

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